Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Green Coffee Bean Extract Review covers how green coffee bean extracts help aid weight loss efforts. Aimmed at setting the truth straight, proceed with an open-mind as we discuss and review weight loss and green coffee supplements.

green coffee bean extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract Overview Everyone has seen the the late night television “infomercials,” or online advertisements, touting products that are supposed to “reduce body weight overnight.” Although these products are usually supported by personal testimonials to their effectiveness, “hard” scientific evidence in support of such claims has been inadequate regarding most of these products. However, the publication of a study in the medical journal Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome Obesity (January, 2012, p. 21-27) appears to have removed Green Coffee Bean Extract from the list of products with unsupported claims.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Scientific Overview

In this study, 16 individuals who met medical criteria for obesity were given a commercial preparation containing either 700 mg or 1,050 mg of Green Coffee Extract (GCE) or a placebo. All subjects took the preparation given them for 6 weeks and then waited 2 weeks before taking another preparation. The test subjects were instructed to maintain their normal daily dietary and exercise habits.

At then end of the 22-week study period the researchers found that there were significant reductions in weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and percentage of body fat following pure Green Coffee Bean Extract administration (averages of 8.04 kg in weight loss, a reductions of 2.92 in BMI, and a 4.4% reduction in body fat). Furthermore, they also noted that improvements in these factors were “positively dose-related,” meaning that the greatest improvements occurred with the higher doses of green coffee’s pure chlorogenic acid extract.

As a possible explanation for their findings, the researchers began from the previously well-documented observation that the incidence of Type II (non-insulin) Diabetes is lower in coffee drinkers than in non-coffee users. After other studies had excluded caffeine as the agent responsible for this observation, attention turned to a substance known as Chlorogenic Acid.

pure green coffee beanChlorogenic Acid is present in unroasted coffee beans, although most of it (but not all) is destroyed in the roasting process. Chlorogenic Acid has antioxidant properties and is also known to interfere with enzymes that promote absorption of glucose from the intestine as well as the conversion of glucose to glycogen, a major component of the body’s fat cells. Based on these facts, the investigators concluded that the weight loss effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract may be due to its relative abundance of Chlorogenic Acid.

It is known that obesity is a hallmark of Type II Diabetes. Since it is also known that a reduction in body weight is clearly associated with a clinical improvement in Type II Diabetes, pure green coffee extract may play an important future role in the treatment of this condition. Furthermore, given the number of diseases that are linked to chronic obesity (e.g. heart disease, hypertension, and degenerative joint disease), any widely-available natural compound that promotes weight loss could have a considerable, positive, long-term public health impact by lessening the financial and social burdens of these chronic illnesses. Finally, it is hoped that the discovery of pure green coffee bean extracts can lead to significant weight loss results. The scientific reviews of green coffee beans having any legitimate merit towards being a natural and safe anti-obesity agent are promising despite early research efforts.

To summarize, medical reviews of green coffee bean extract have been shown to be effective in reducing both body weight and percentage of body weight due to body fat. If these results can be confirmed in longer-term studies, GCE promises to be a powerful weapon in the treatment of obesity.

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Health Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Green Bean Coffee Extract from a slightly different point of view…

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract Clinical Trials

Is there any possibility that weight loss could be possible only by consuming green coffee? For everybody to understand it better, green coffee refers to the unroasted, raw coffee beans. A study conducted on two groups of research (a group being on the real substance, and the other only on placebo) proved how those who consumed the coffee lost about 10% of their weight. The subjects were given supplements made out of green coffee beans extract; it was published in the “Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity” journal, and introduced to us through American Chemical Society (ACS) of San Diego.

The subjects involved in the study had an average weight of 25 to 30, at the ages between 22 to 46 years old. For 22 weeks, these people were supervised and monitored, being given 700 mg green coffee bean extract capsule, 1,050 mg extract capsule and the placebo. They had to take the capsules every day, half an hour before every meal. One capsule contains the equivalent of half a cup of coffee. The other circumstance was that they needed to take the pill with plenty of water, since it causes a strange bitterness.

Green Coffee Beans Weight Loss

The weight loss secret of Green Coffee Bean Extract stands in its active substance (chlorogenic acid), which has the ability to accelerate the metabolism at a crazy speed. The chlorogenic acid’s effect is the only real one! A normal cup of coffee will never give you the same effect, in both terms of weight loss and energy booster. Where you won’t even get a fine feeling from the day to day crappy coffee, you will get absolutely everything you need from Green Coffee Bean Extract. What explains this strange effect? Who the Heaven knows? But still, even though we don’t really care, as long as the objective is attained, we still need to explain it. The thing is, chlorogenic acid activates straight in the liver and rejects the glucose to get absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This is how the fat in the organism disappears! As simple as that, the bio-chemistry gets re-attached, becoming idealistic and clean. This is the perfect bio-molecular waltz that could ever take place, forcing the sick fat in your organism to disappear just like that: “Puff!”.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Help You Lose Weight?

There is something creepy about over-processed, roasted coffee beans and all the other similar products that have been chemically “enriched”. We need to rebuild our structure by reaching out within our perfectly created environment and discover what really works for us. Since there is nothing missing from what has already been created and untouched by our own destruction, why not just count on it. All these words mean we surely don’t have, and definitely don’t need to crawl and act like hysterical babies trying to transform what Nature has to offer us in a perfect state, with all Its unbelievable properties. Bio-chemistry is what created us and we shall only feed on it, and nothing else! This will preserve the perfect balance without a single, little effort from our own part.

There is nothing wrong with eating some meat from time to time, tho…

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What is Coffee Fruit?

August 14, 2012

Coffee Fruit Extract Information

Many of us cannot start the day without our morning cup of coffee, but people are often unaware of the health and weight loss benefits of coffee cherry berry fruit. Often called green coffee bean or green coffee bean extract, coffee fruit is high in antioxidants and may even help reduce or improve diabetes and assist with weight loss and fat burn.

Coffee Fruit

About Coffee Fruit

Coffee Fruit, or green coffee, is the coffee bean before roasting. When consumed or used in a health supplement, green coffee beans or fruit can slow down absorption of glucose into the body and prevent accumulation of fat throughout the body.

According to an article on the Dr. Oz website, a medical study showed that participants who took a green coffee bean extract supplement lost 10 percent of their body weight during the study without additional exercise or diet changes.

The Dr. Oz article suggests that healthy adults take an 800 mg green coffee bean extract supplement two times a day with a meal and plenty of water.

Inside the Green Coffee Bean

The primary active compound in coffee cherry fruit is Chlorogenic acid, which is responsible for the rate of glucose release inside the body while also helping to moderate the metabolism. High rates of Chlorogenic acid appear to slow down glucose rates while increasing metabolic rates, which mean that the body burns fat more efficiently.

What the coffee bean does not have is much caffeine – only about 20 mg per supplement, while a standard cup of coffee usually has over 100 mg. As such, taking the supplement should not cause insomnia or jittery sensations due to high caffeine.

Moreover, roasting coffee beans to get that morning cup of coffee removes the Chlorogenic acid, which means that the metabolic and glucose benefits from Chlorogenic acid are lost when the coffee is brewed.

Coffee Cherry Berry Fruit Extract Scientific Research

According to a research study published by the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal, adults who took green coffee bean supplements for three months lost over 15 pounds on average, which is more than 10 percent overall body weight and 15 percent overall body fat.

A similar study funded by Applied Food Sciences showed that 16 overweight individuals between the ages of 22 – 46 lost about 17 pounds each over 22 weeks without diet changes and moderate exercise.

The study also offered individuals two different doses (700mg and 1,050mg) of the coffee bean supplements and those on the higher doses lost more weight. In addition, study participants reported no side effects.

Coffee Fruit Extract Reviews

Starbucks Refreshers

While the news about green coffee extract and green coffee bean supplements is new, there are already several types of supplements available on the market.

Overall, consumers seem to be learning that not all supplements are equal and some seem to be made out of suspicious ingredients instead of the promised pure green coffee extract. Some products even seemed to taste like cocoa or vanilla instead of the slightly bitter taste expected from a pure coffee bean extract supplement.

For consumers looking to purchase coffee bean fruit extract, be sure to read the labels carefully. The label should include the word “pure” green coffee bean extract or “pure” coffee bean fruit. In addition, the best products offer a purity guarantee or a money-back offer if the customer is dissatisfied.

Note that the FDA does not monitor health supplements, so manufacturers do not disclose the actual contents of a supplement, which is why looking for a promise of purity and customer satisfaction is always a wise choice.

Enjoy the health benefits of Coffee Fruit or green coffee bean supplements!

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Starbucks Refreshers - Natural Energy Drink To Boost Metabolism

Starbucks Refreshers

The Starbucks Refreshers Green Coffee Extract are beverages made by Starbucks Coffee Company, based on green coffee extract which contains enough caffeine to energize your day up. Therefore, Starbucks did it again, and managed to reinvent coffee.

The green coffee concept is something new in the world of coffee. The actual green coffee is the coffee berry in its raw form, before undergoing the roasting process. When the coffee berry doesn’t undergo any technological or chemical process, it successfully preserves all of its properties. And that’s a huge plus for those who are looking to keep up a good health. Starbucks has a unique and un-damaging method of extracting the essential compounds from the green coffee berry. The green coffee extract is afterwards used to create beverages.

Starbucks Refreshers Energy Booster

The Starbucks Refreshers have a high Caffeine Content, and they are cold, fresh beverages. You can put it this way, leave the traditional, hot coffee for the difficult mornings and enjoy a Starbucks Refresher in the heat of the day, so you can go on with your day fresh and energized. Other good news is these beverages contain only 60 calories per portion. You no longer have to worry about weight when it comes to delicious boozes, because these are some tasty beverages…

Do Starbucks Refreshers Taste Good?

Since we’ve reached the taste subject, the Starbucks Refreshers Ingredients are only the most tasteful ones. The beverages are made from natural fresh fruit juices, essential vitamins (the B complex and vitamin C) and water. Some used flavors are Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus. The forms in which these new fresh beverages are available are: the Handcrafted Starbucks Refreshers (available over the counter), the Instant Starbucks Refreshers and the Ready-to-Drink Starbucks Refreshers.

The Handcrafted Starbucks Refreshers are available instantly and ideal for when you are in a hurry, drooling for a cold drink to energize your body and mind. They are available in all the Starbucks shops in the world. Also, they are “equipped” with whole pieces of real fresh fruit such as raspberries and lime.

The Instant Starbucks Refreshers are also “on-the-run” beverages, available at only $5.95 for 5 packers. You will not only calm your thirst, but you will also be absolutely ready to move on through the day.

Starbucks Refreshers Flavors

Ready-to-Drink Starbucks Refreshers are lightly sparkly beverages available in flavors of Raspberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Melon.

Everybody loves these beverages, already. They are something new and absolutely delicious. Starbucks Coffee Company did it again and obviously, didn’t disappoint us. We surely hope you gained all the information needed from our Starbucks Refreshers Review, and we also hope we convinced you to go out and get your natural energy drink. We surely developed a strong passion for them and that’s why we felt the need to share it with you.

Starbucks Refreshers And Green Coffee

Furthermore, it is highly appreciated Starbucks promotes and makes awesome use of green coffee and all its advantages in the human health sector. Using the raw coffee is something quite new on the coffee market, and it wasn’t until recently the amazing advantages of this Nature’s gift started to be exploited and offered to us.

The statements made by are not endorsed by or affiliated with Starbucks Coffee Company

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