Green Coffee Bean Extract FAQ

Over the past 5-10 years, When it comes to new weight loss supplements, there have been no shortages to say the least.

And now a new weight loss supplement including green coffee bean extract has been crowned the king due to recent scientific literature and medical study results being gathered and evaluated.

Let’s take the necessary time to discuss and cover all of the top questions we have yielded about the best green coffee extract supplement, to how to take it, and the weight loss results that should be expected after continual use. We know as you should that everything about raw green coffee beans for weight loss is centered around not only the results, but how fast it will start working.

First, let’s start with the basics about green coffee bean extracts in order to comb through all of the clinical data and start to digest if this is a right decision for you to make.

green coffee bean exctract faq

What is Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Pure green coffee bean extract is a newly recognized super food that is making waves in the media arena. Dr. Oz is a well-known heart surgeon and TV host who endorses green coffee bean extract as a weight-loss supplement because the green coffee bean burns fat. Dr. OZ has featured green coffee bean extract on his TV show. A recently study by Dr. Joe Vinson and his colleges revealed how effective green coffee bean extract is for weight loss. Sixteen overweight people were given pure coffee bean extract every day. Each person in the study consumed a diet of 2400 calories each day and only had minimal physical activity.

Yet, each person in the study lost 17 pounds over a period of 12 weeks. Of course participants in the study could have lost more weight if they had been more active and reduced their caloric intake even more.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Contain Caffeine?

Each serving of green coffee extract contains 20 mg of caffeine, one cup of coffee has 100 mg and many specialty coffee drinks contain a generous dose of 400 mg of caffeine per cup. However, the fat burning mechanism is not because of the caffeine found in the green coffee bean. The pure green coffee extract helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. Active compounds such as chlorogenic acid inhibit the release of glucose in the body.

This helps the body become more effective at burning fat in the liver, and it creates a protective effect that prevents the absorption of fat. The green c coffee bean is amazing because it burns fat and helps prevent a person from gaining weight again. Maintenance is essential, and people can easily keep the pounds off by making green coffee bean extract apart of their new health regimen.

natural green coffee bean

What Other Health Benefits Can I Expect From Taking Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean has also been highly recognized because of its ability to improve blood pressure and regulate blood sugar. Green coffee beans act like antioxidants in the body by preventing free radical damage. The supplement is essential for diabetics or anyone who wants to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise are always vital for weight management, but taking green coffee bean daily can make any dieters efforts more substantial.

Regardless, you still can’t expect to just take green coffee bean only and lose weight. You still need to eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables and lean meat in the proper proportions, in addition to exercising regularly. Green coffee bean extracts only works as an aid to assist you in your weight loss efforts.

Does Regular Coffee Have the Same Effect on the Body?

Regular coffee doesn’t have the same effect on the body because the chlorogenic acid is removed when the beans are roasted. Green coffee beans remain unroasted and the taste is very bitter because of the high levels of chlorogenic acid found within the beans.

The taste is undesirable, but you can do many things to make it more pleasing to your palate. Add one serving of a green coffee bean extract to your favorite smoothie or juice. Nutritionist, Lindsey Duncan recommends eating a healthy diet and taking the coffee bean capsules two or three times each with a full glass of water to achieve the best results you are looking to achieve.

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