Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Review

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Pure green coffee bean extract is a new dietary supplement that’s boggling the minds of many. A lot of people who haven’t researched the supplement are wondering why its existence is so profound and alarming. Here’s why: it’s an easy to consume capsule that you take every day. It has no noticeable side effects. In about 3 months, it causes consumers to lose up to 20 pounds. Not to mention, it’s safe.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Don’t believe it? Recently, the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity published a study that was made on the green coffee bean extract. 16 adults who used the dietary supplement for 3 months lost on average 17 pounds. This was done without the help of exercise or other methods used to lose weight. Studies also show that more pure green coffee bean extract consumed causes more weight to safely be lost.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract A Good Weight Loss Supplement

What causes weight to be lost with the assistance of pure green coffee bean extract? Medical professionals and scientists don’t believe it’s linked to caffeine at all. In fact, the supplement itself has a very low dose of caffeine; about 20 mg per serving. Compared to your average coffee serving, which is usually over 100 mg, it has very little effect on the body. Because of this low amount of caffeine, the pure green coffee bean extract has also proven in multiple studies to improve metabolism and lower blood pressure.

Green Coffee Weight Loss

This discovery is important due to overwhelming obesity issues found throughout the world, especially in America. With the frequent and stable use of pure green coffee bean extract, those who have issues with being overweight have the chance to save their health using a simple and affordable method. Many obese patients cannot exercise and have physical pain and depression when following strict diets, so this dietary supplement has the potential to change many lives. It could also cause the decrease of dangerous and high-risk procedures used on the morbidly obese.

What Is Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid

Scientists claim that an ingredient found within the bean extract, chlorogenic acid, stops glucose from releasing into the body, while boosting the consumer’s metabolism. These two combined fat burning forces create the strong and unstoppable weight loss supplement. If you’re thinking that you can get the same effects by drinking coffee, think again. As coffee beans are roasted, they lose their chlorogenic acid. Fortunately, pure green coffee bean extract is available to consumers at relatively inexpensive prices.

Not only does the dietary supplement cause weight loss, but it has other health benefits as well. Chlorogenic acid assists the body with healthy levels of blood sugar, can successfully treats hypertension, has shown to decrease chances of cardiovascular disease, and pumps the body full of healthy antioxidants. If you’re interested in the dietary supplement, but worried about risks, simply ask your doctor about the use of pure green coffee bean extract. The more doses you take, the more caffeine you are consuming, so there is potential for consumers to become jittery. More studies on the Green Coffee Bean Extract dietary supplement will be underway.

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